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The STECSGEN7 is mounted in a stainless steel frame with integrated electrical cabinet, suitable to be installed in a lab-scale environment.
The unit is built according to the highest standards (EU Directives 2014/68/EU, cGMP).
Pressure vessels and piping built in AISI 316L.
Operational clean steam pressure settable between 1 and 4 barg.

Clean steam production

The STECSGEN7 is composed of an electrically heated boiler specially designed for an efficient evaporation and granting a stable steam production.
The boiler is fed by demineralised water through a self-priming feed-water pump.
The concentrate is evacuated by the temporised intermittent blowdown.

Control unit

The user friendly electromechanical control unit is foreseen on the front panel of:

  • On/Off button
  • Emergency shut-down
  • ‘In production’ lamp
  • Alarm warning lamp


The unit can be extended with following options:

  1. Electric power feed mono-phase 220 V
  2. Continuous conductivity measurement
  3. Feed-water degassing system
  4. Drain cooling system
  5. Pharma paperless recorder
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