Steam generators and water systems


Thermo Compressors

Tthermocompressor_bishe Mascarini Thermo compression Stills FA-HRS series and ThermoPharma Thermocompression Still BD series produce distilled water for injectable use wich meets the latest requirement of the International Pharmacopeias including USP, EP and JP. They are also widely employed in many other industries such as: Food, Film, Electronic and Fine Chemical Standard models capacity:

  • Series FA-HRS: capacity from 50 to 4500 lts/h
  • Series BD: capacity from 100 to 24.000 lts/h

Click here to view the Thermocompression brochure.

WFI Distillers  (Multi-effect Stills)

The pharmastill multiple effect stills produce distilled water for injectable use which meets the requirement of the International Pharmacopeios including  USP,EP and JP. The pharmastill modular construction offers a wide choice of configurations allowing optimum payback times. Standard models range is from 60 to 20.000 lts/h output.

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Multiple Effect Distillers range, heated by industrial steam, with a production capacity from 60 to 12000 l/h WFI.

MS-E seriesMS-E

Multiple Effect Distillers range, heated without industrial steam, with a production capacity from 60 to 22000 l/h WFI.


Purified Water Systems


The Stilmas plants represent the safest and simplest water purification method for production of ultrapure water for pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. Industrials where the production of deionized water with high bacteriological and chemical quality is a must.

Stilmas standard plants can cover a range of production from 500 litres per hour to 30000 litres per hour. On request, larger and smaller sizes are also available.

Pharmadion (RO + EDI)

Pure Steam Generator

Steam generators

Stilmas Pure Steam Generators are capable of solving any problem of sterilisation of process lines and pharmaceutical Equipment.

The standard model ranges output is from 50 to 6000 Kg/h.



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